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Kat Zel is such a brilliant "painter" of music. She constantly adds new texture, color and depth to her artistry. Thank you for sharing your talents with our studio and community - Kat Zel Music. You are such a pleasure to have in our lives.”

— Leanne Sundquist Cummings - Crescendo Music Studios - FB

Kat at the Calgary Stampede Talent Search 2019 - semi-finalist: Boyce Theatre backed by The Jackson Six Orchestra.

Sand on Whyte 2018

My United Way Voice 2019 submission

Kat Zel Band

Events, Festivals & Private Shows

"Diamond's in the Rough"

The Metropolitian Hotel, Calgary

Kat will be performing during Canadian Country Music Award's week on "The Diamond's in the Rough" stage in Calgary. All performer's thank the incredibly kind organizers Sirroma Entertainment and sponsor's for keeping our talent tuned during CCMA's. It mean's so much :)

Diamond's in the Rough

The Metropolitian Hotel, Calgary

Kat will be performing for the after party on "The Diamond's in the Rough" stage after the Canadian Country Music Award's in Calgary. Kat wishes to thank the incredibly kind organizers: Sirroma Entertainment and all sponsor's for allowing this "next gen." to showcase our talent during CCMA's. It mean's so much :)


Enjoyed listening to Kat this evening at the Mill Creek Cafe. Wow! What a beautiful voice and songwriter. touched my heart. What great energy!”

— Robert E. Walton - The Edmonton Muse

Association of Country Music Alberta





Kat Zel has been delivering music for the masses with groovy beats, hooky songs, relatable lyrics and great musicianship. Her vocals are raw and edgy - perhaps best described as Sass Jordan meets Melissa Etheridge with sprinklings of a young Deborah Harry. She’s one to watch - that’s for sure!”

— Rhea March - C.J.S.R. radio

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Rareflower - Northland's - Graduation

Blues Society at Newcastle Pub 2018